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There is also a coin fifa 18 case of late time

There is also a case of late time passenger security checks The coin fifa 18 easily lost after anxious lost items. According to these three days, the average value of picking up items forty coin fifa 18 or fifty thousand yuan.10 month 2 days, a packet of passengers lost, in addition to mobile phone computer, there are 10900 yuan in cash. Wang Chieh, picked up the passengers coin fifa 18 items, a short time to contact to contact the owner. Are kept at the security checkpoint. Unable to contact the owner of the Lost and cheap ultimate team coins Office. In addition to Beijing South coin fifa 18 Station to find passenger screening items left behind, the Beijing South Railway Station security personnel following security display a careful observation items to carry coin fifa 18, carrying excess lighter, it is strictly prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive gas and various nhl 18 hut coins for sale of tools and other items they have been found stopped. According to coin fifa 18 “double” holiday, Wang Chieh remind the passengers,


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