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The way the ring is worn when the ring combination of wearing points

In the usual sense, the ring is a symbol of marriage, wearing a ring means to assume the responsibility of marriage. Different countries, ethnic groups, the traditional custom for the ring is not the same, such as the Italian ring on behalf of “heart”, the British wedding ring wearing on the left hand ring finger, while the Polish “heart” is worn on the left hand little finger The Of course, the connotation of the ring has evolved so far, far beyond the scope of marriage, and more to become ordinary women’s simple beauty jewelry, is no longer a married woman’s exclusive.

The ring of the law

At present in the international arena, there is a set of custom ring wear law: the ring is not wearing on the thumb, hands and other fingers can wear the other. The ring is ordered from worn on the middle finger, that I am looking for an object or are in love; ring wear on the ring finger, that I have engaged or have been married; The ring worn on the little finger, said I was determined to live alone, that is, I am not married for life or do not marry for life.

  1. The relationship between the ring and the skin color

Generally speaking, the darker person is suitable for wearing pure gold, K gold ring; the other hand, the color of white people are suitable for wearing platinum, K platinum rings. If the ring and skin color can embrace each other, it can increase the overall sense of light. As for the white metal “silver” is very practical, no matter what kind of skin color are suitable for wear.

Skinny yellow people are not suitable for wearing purple and rose color gems of the ring, if their favorite, you can choose the golden ring to cover the gems of color defects. Skinny pink people wearing brown gems can also be, but not very conspicuous, platinum or silver ring is very appropriate.

  1. When the ring combination of wearing points

Wear two or more rings to avoid wearing a separate wear, otherwise it will make the hand look big and sturdy, should be worn on the adjacent finger. In the match with the first Cartier love bracelet replica to consider the “Lord” of the existence of a sense, do not just consider a hand with a finger, but also depends on whether the two hands harmony, balance, and then develop the overall mix.

As for the main and vice ring to wear on which fingers, depends on the balance with the sense of feeling. The middle finger wear a sense of the volume of the diamond “Lord”, ring finger can be used with more slender diamond drill vice, the master and slave relationship will be very clear. If you use the bow shape of the ring, you can create a lovely atmosphere. Index finger suitable for wearing a personality, distinctive ring, wearing a separate to highlight its characteristics, so do not need “vice ring” to set off. In addition to the location, the two rings are best to the same style, such as wearing a tricyclic or intertwined ring, we must avoid with a single ring ring.

If on a formal occasion, ladies wear gloves when wearing a dress, the ring should be worn on the outside of the glove.

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