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Diy Fall Fashion Ideas

Diy Fall Fashion Ideas DIY fall fashion ideas will get you looking different from others and yet fashionable, and at a cost you can afford. Follow the latest fashion trends without needing to bleed dry your spouse, your parents or yourself of your hard earned income. Before you start replicating another person’s glory, get to […]


The New Fashion In Trash

The New Fashion In Trash

One may wonder if trashion is the same as recycling. Trashion is actually similar to upcycling than recycling. Upcycling is using something in its form to make something else while recycling is changing the form before one can make something out of it. Upcycling is making it look better or use it for something else in its original form, say an empty soup can made into a pen holder. On the other hand, when you recycle an item or products then you have to break it d

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