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Subaru Levorg landed in Europe – a sporty delicacy

Presented last year Levorg has been really well received in Japan. The model was not initially foreseen in the European market, but fortunately an hour, it was decided to start with. Outback crossover smaller and cheaper Levorg is a good supplement to the Subaru range.
Levorg Legacy, does not replace, the existing Legacy, not only to bring to Europe. So far only produced Farmar novelty modes are similar to the last sale visited the previous generation Legacy.
Levorgin genome more important is the fact that both the formulation and especially the beginning of the technique is much the same WRX STI. 4.7-meter-long denim is a good and well-proportioned. Sportiness accentuated by a bonnet turbo intercooler air intake.
A great ride
WRX STI as compared to the beginning is clearly and sporty hardness not appear as in some situations aftermarket auto parts. The sturdy suspension works just fine, the car must be torsionally rigid and sound civilized world.
Levorg obeys the driver neatly. Steering feel is good and driving characteristics are almost a lap, automotive. Levorg is always all-wheel drive. In basic mode 60% of the power is transmitted to the rear wheels, but the division ratio will be between 60: 40-50: 50.
Subaru’s first supercharged 1.6-liter horizontally opposed engine is upbeat but not Over-efficient. I humbly obey the machine is well suited for a sporty family car. Despite the 170-horsepower boxer consumption and emission values are not exactly top level.
Levorg is always a petrol four-wheel drive automatic. variable CVT variator engine crankshaft is provided with six through preselected, and shifting is also possible to use a steering wheel switches. Transmission operates cleanly. The basic mode of sportier S-mode to change the accelerator pedal response and “drive” at higher speeds. The adjustable platform is not Levorgissa.
Good facilities
Levorgin inside look is elegant. The dashboard, which is in the middle of the top multi-function display and below the touch screen, is a familiar example. Forester.
Although Levorg is 10 cm shorter than the old Legacy, novelty indoors is not in question. Sporty seats have plenty of lateral support. WRX STI turbocharger manufacturers to “borrowed” function adjusts in both directions, and the driving position may be to your liking.
Rear doors open onto a large margin, but the fender arches taxes by slightly opening. Shoe, knee and head room is well, but the seat is slightly too low. Teamed with three tilt positions. Central There is tedious to sit, as the central tunnel and the front armrest tax the foot space.

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