King of Gems – Crystal Hard Diamond

Diamond is also called diamond, not pondering the original stone called diamond. Diamonds and rubies, sapphires, emeralds and emerald and said the world “five famous”, diamonds and was recognized as the first gem or gem king. It is extremely hard, rare reserves, crystal beautiful, transparent texture, dazzling, beautiful people.

The name of the diamond is a hard symbol. Its Greek word for ADAMANT is “a-dauas”, that is, Adama stone, but also “invincible, invincible” means. My country called the diamond, and the spread of Buddhism. By the ancient bream Sanskrit “tied day Luo” the word meaning as “King Kong”, the original refers to one of the most hard weapons. But why is it called diamond? According to the examination, a diamond began in the Ming Dynasty, as Li Shizhen said: “The sand can be drilled jade porcelain, so that the drill.” Diamond has many aliases, common names, such as Kun Wu, Quan Shi, jade gem, luminous stone, luminous Bi, the Buddha said wishful beads. Diamond also has a common name “night pearl”, this is because the diamond has a physical, after sun exposure, in the moonlight is often issued sky blue light, crystal soft, it is truly beautiful. So, people give it to take this wonderful Cartier love bracelet replica name. Hard, pretty diamond, and soft and slippery graphite are fellow brothers, they come from the same mother – carbon. Just the formation of different conditions, so that the “brother” both looks, temper different. Diamond is in the depths of the earth at high temperature (1800 ℃), high pressure (70,000 atmospheric pressure) under the conditions of the formation of carbon atoms is very strong and regular arrangement. The vast majority of precious stones are very small diamonds. 1 carat (ie 200 mg) heavy even if it is big. Big and complete is the rare treasure, priceless. So far, the world has found only 35 tons of natural diamonds more than 324 karats. The world’s largest diamond is found in South Africa in 1905, “Africa Star”, weighing 3106 karats, as adults fist as big. China’s largest diamond is in 1977 in Shandong Lin Mu County mirror found in the “Chang Lin Diamond”, weighing 158.786 karats.

Gemstone diamond in the world of gemstones with superior charm, and diamond superior physical and chemical properties. First of all, the hardness of diamond extremely. Known as the world “King of Hardness”, there is no material to scratch it, there is no dust particles can grind it, the diamond hardness of 10, is the hardness of quartz (quartz hardness equivalent to a thousand times the glass) , One hundred and fifty times the corundum. Second, the refractive index of diamond is high. The so-called refractive index, is to slow down the light, that is, so that the relative ability to bend or refraction. The vast majority of transparent minerals, refractive index has 1.80 below, while the diamond refractive index of up to 2.4 or so. The ability of the material to reflect with the increase in refractive index increases, so the diamond polished surface can reflect a large number of external light. After proper design, with a lot of different directions polished surface of the diamond, can reflect the surface of the light almost all reflected out, so that the entire diamond flashing dazzling light. Because almost all of the light is reflected, the diamond looks like silver-plated, almost can not see is transparent. In addition to refractive index, the diamond “dispersion” is also great. The so-called dispersion, refers to the size of the refractive index with the color of light and change. When the white light into the diamond, due to the different shade of different refractive index, long-wave red and short-wave blue-violet light will be separated, through the internal multiple reflection and revealing diamonds, different shade separation farther and farther, Diamonds and reflective ability and strong, so will show a beautiful light like Cartier love ring replica a rainbow. Imagine when the diamond was worn on the chest or chest, with the activities of people, diamonds kept turning, so keep shining bright and beautiful color light. Diamond is precious, it can be understood. In natural diamonds, not all diamonds are gems, only about 20% of the “gem diamond”. Whether the diamond can reach the gem level depends mainly on its transparency and color. Those who are not transparent enough, there are a lot of body and cracks in the diamond, can not be made of precious stones. Colorless color is required, and colorless blue is the best. Other dark and opaque, such as red, blue, bright green, golden, purple, etc., are extremely rare and become treasures. In addition to the above physical properties, the chemical properties of diamond is second to none, not only in the air is extremely stable nature, that is, in the strong acid or alkali solution to boil, it will not change. Able to burn, brittle and easy to break, is the shortcomings of diamonds. The diamond component is pure carbon, but it is not as easy to burn as coal. In the air must reach 850 to 1000 ℃ high temperature to burn, and the formation of carbon dioxide without residue. 9. Choose the standard diamond

At present, the international weight, clarity, color and pondering the four aspects of measurement, identification of the quality and value of diamonds.

1) The weight of diamonds is generally weight-based, the greater the weight, the higher the value. Of course the advantage of small diamonds is sometimes worth the big diamonds. The weight unit of the diamond is “carat”. According to international uniform standards, each gram is equal to 5 carats, each carat is equal to 100 points. General carat above the big diamond, 25-99 points in the drill, 24 points below the small diamond. General diamonds are priced according to Kela, that is, “carat price”, the price of caravan is the value of diamonds. In the international gem market, more than 1 carat of diamonds, the price of 3355-7000 dollars per carat.

2) clarity Diamond clarity refers to the diamond contains non-chemical elements of the amount of impurities. Usually observed in a 10x magnifying glass, according to the number of impurities, divided into the following levels. net. Also known as “flawless”, there is no trace of impurities in the diamond. If you work fine color and good, can be called “complete”. This level is called “FL” level in foreign countries. Microfilament. That is, foreign “VVS” level, that defects are minimal. It is difficult to find defects at 10x magnifying glass. Half flower. In the 10 times magnifying glass can see a very small flaw, equivalent to foreign diamond level in the “VS” level. One flower. That is, foreign diamond level in the “VI” level. It refers to the 10 times magnifying glass can be seen under the naked eye is difficult to find small flaws. Slightly larger as “S2” level. No.2 flowers. For the naked eye visible flaws, equivalent to foreign diamond level in the “I1” level. No.3 flowers. For the naked eye is easy to see the flaw is equivalent to foreign diamond level in the “I3” level.

3) The color of the color diamond determines its value and the degree of beauty. Foreign drilled in the roses each color is divided into A (pure), B (thick), C (light), D (miscellaneous) level. At present, the world almost did not find A, B, C-class diamonds. China’s diamond color is used in digital grading, the best for the 100 color, the following according to the color level is divided into 99,98,97, … … to 85 colors can be changed when the obvious yellow, 78 color and so on As a jewelry drill. The higher the color level of the diamond, the more expensive the price of the car. While the best diamonds are colorless. In the division of the diamond color level, often used to compare white. Therefore, people often use white to describe the diamond, blue and white, silver, ordinary white and so on. Generally people in the diamond in a good color level called “blue and white”. Most diamonds are between colorless and yellowish. What color is a diamond in this color, which is critical to determining its value. Some Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds will be blue, pink, lavender, golden, and even red, which is the “special color”, because it is rarely seen, things rare, so the value is high, as “diamond Jane” The

4) pondering is the degree of its grinding. In this respect, it demands more than other gems. Diamond pondering the thickness, style is in line with the standard, will affect the value of diamonds, and the price of different carats. Diamonds, such as cutting just right, can be shot into the light of the different flapping, and then by the top of the diamond out. If the cut is too thick, part of the light will leak away from the other side. If the cutting is too shallow, the light will not be reflected, will be dispersed from the top. According to the nature of the original stone, diamonds can be cut into different shapes, the most popular shape is round, in addition to the ear tip, oval, pear, heart and rectangle, choose which shape, depending on the preferences Depending on. Cutting diamonds, can refraction more light, more flicker. At present, every diamond, must be pondering 57 faces, the crown angle should be 34 degrees 30 minutes, the purpose is to make the light can be reflected from the multiple sides of the diamond, resulting in radiant visual effects. Only such a standard to polish, in order to fully display the dazzling diamond diamonds.

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“Love her, give her Cartier jewelry!” Today, Cartier jewelry has become the world’s lover’s dream

“Love her, give her Cartier jewelry!” Today, Cartier jewelry has become the world’s lover’s dream. And its most classic “cheetah” design, but from the Cartier heirs Joseph Cartier (Louls Joseph) lover’s hand.

In 1920, 45-year-old Joseph announced that Jeanne Toussant was the artistic director of the Kingdom of Cartier. So important duties, but was delivered to a 25-year-old girl, Joseph’s brother Jacques and Pierre think brother is crazy.

In order to clarify the reasons, Jacques sent people to follow the survey, surprised to find Jenny and brother Joseph’s lover relationship. Jacques told the old father about the matter. The old father was furious, but when he learned that Jenny had great design talent for the company to bring a steady stream of inspiration and customers later, he gave her two options: either to leave Cartier love bracelet replica, or stay in Cartier as artistic director, But must draw a line with Joseph. Jenny chose the latter.

Joseph could not bear to let Jenny torture and aggrieved, intended to fight, Jenny was tearing to him and said: “Just let me stay with you, it is enough.

December 1936, ascended the throne of less than a year of the British King Edward VIII, in order to divorced from the United States twice the United States civilians woman Mrs. Simpson married, decided to abdicate. In order to express his loyalty to love and become the Duke of Windsor, he asked Cartier to design jewelry for the Duchess. This task naturally fell on Jenny.

Jenny brains, into their own all the feelings into the design of the “cheetah” brooch, “BIB” necklace, “Tiger” long-handled eyes and “duck head” brooch and a series of jewelry. Then a jewel box with 57 pieces of Cartier jewelery was sent to the Duchess of Windsor, and she was touched by her husband’s love. Since then, regardless of the Duchess of Windsor with her husband where to go, are wearing a “cheetah” brooch. Where she knows, this brooch hidden in another woman desolate emotional sustenance.

Jenny succeeded, and when she was holding tears together with Joseph to celebrate, Joseph’s wife found their secret feelings, but also to understand the Cartier family and her agreement reached between. She immediately warned her husband and the Cartier family that, if she had let Jenny stay, she made the scandal between the Cartier heirs and the art director.

Seeing Joseph was suffering and haggard, Jenny was sick. She decided to let go.

In the summer of 1942, Jenny took Joseph to the Seine side at a starry night, ready to make the final farewell. Did not expect Joseph to come up with a red box, which was lying on a delicate pear-shaped diamond ring. Joseph said he decided to give up all the Cartier family and stayed with her for a lifetime.

When he put on her ring, she shed tears. But she can never expect, this ring is not the promise of life, but the congenial agreement. On the way back, Jenny’s car was in a car accident. And Joseph was waiting for her for a while, and on her car. He did not wake up because of serious injuries.

Jenny was sober after a week that he knew Joseph’s death. A few months later, the news of the sudden death of Jacques in London was said to have been due to the excessive death of Joseph Joseph’s death. A series of bad news to the Cartier family cast a shadow of tragedy, Jenny became the eyes of the stars of the disaster.

At this time, Cartier’s only successor Pierre wanted Jenny to stay and said: “I am not forgiving you, but let you have the opportunity to forgive yourself.” After 30 years, Jenny put this sentence engraved in his heart, desperately jobs. She was full of guilt and remorse for Joseph.

Time to 1964, the disease into the cream of the Pierre to Jenny called New York, this time Jenny is a little old woman. Pierre told Jenny a shaking secret: Joseph suffered the car accident, the original is not a simple accident.

At that time Joseph was reluctant to leave Jenny, so that Jacques and Pierre were reluctant to Jenny, who thought she was at any time to detonate Cartier bombs and let her disappear is the only solution.

So Jacques moved his hands on Jenny’s Replica Cartier jewelry. Do not expect that, that day Joseph will get Jenny’s car. Because of his brother’s extreme sense of guilt, Jacques all day bye pouring worry, the end of alcohol abuse over the same year died.

In order to maintain the reputation of Cartier, Pierre in the next few decades has always been tight-lipped. Until life is coming to an end, he can not bear to let Jenny spend the rest of his life in remorse, and finally opened the dusty long secret.

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the rocket either up the double nba mt coins or let the big inside to prevent

When Leonard took the ball, the rocket either up the double nba mt coins, or let the big inside to prevent, but even this did not inhibit Leonard’s score momentum. In the face of Anderson, Leonard a record throw into; replaced Capella defense, he can crush into the basket. The offensive end of Leonard could not stop, two DPOY in the defensive end of the more that did not say. At the end of the nba mt coins day, Leonard first cut off the ball in the hands of Luther, quickly pushed back, forced Harden had to foul, put him on the free throw line. Followed by a round, Leonard resorted to death winding, in the nba mt coins of Harden the students off the ball.

Half-time down, Leonard had 9 of 7 to get 20 points, tied his career nba coins 2k17 halftime nba mt coins. After the battles, Leonard’s scoring buy nba coins continues. In the face of the inside and Gordon’s attack, he turned nba mt coins, direct jump strike hit, highlight the superstar character. To the distal, today’s outstanding Parker left knee injury, was carried out of the field, Leonard will immediately come forward, led the team set off a wave of 19-0 offensive, Rocket defense for nothing.


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