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it just from the money point of view

Following the Internet car Ranger know almost ripped the truth,Tera Gold and know almost exposed material together so that US corporations fell into financing controversy.

Not long ago, there is participation in the new round of financing of US group of investors in the know almost said, the US group officially announced the first half of the GMV is 47 billion, of which, Takeout: 4.25 billion yuan; Film: 60 billion; Hotel Tourism: 71 billion; Deal: 29.65 billion yuan.

“Data US group is very beautiful, but it just from the money point of view, GMV digital gold content is not too high, revenue is the core. This 47 billion in GMV, really create the revenue (income) is the number?”

Puliao quoted a US corporation involved in the latest round of financing, investors said the original words, the US group losses on all fronts, the most recent financing material in the commission rate has dropped to 2 percent in the first half, the average monthly losses of about 600 million yuan, equivalent to one yuan per fetched a net loss of 2.7 yuan on synchronization;Albion Online Gold while under high turnover, low income is low gold content, the US group suspected hindered new round of financing.

Know almost exposed material issued shortly, when a reporter regard to confirmation when the US group, the US group said it exposed material is purely imaginary, but the US group of one of the investors Sequoia Capital, said he was just a small shareholder, the US group thing is not convenient to respond.

At the same time, be exposed to “US Mission to burn about 600 million a month,” the issue, a O2O industry executives to Artesyn Technologies, said the research results and its internal projections of the US group monthly loss of almost. If a loss of 600 million US Mission month is true, then there are about 7.2 billion full-year loss. US group at the beginning of this year to finance $ 700 million, it seems only last eight months.

As industry sources said, the US group actually being a new round of financing, but the burn rate of amazing let the US group financing is not smooth. According to informed sources, “burn a billion dollars a month, scared Wall Street investors are afraid to vote, and the US stock market is not good. US corporations are more likely to find some changes to domestic funds to finance reason, but not the domestic capital market Well, everyone is watching. ”

According to insiders broke the news that has just assumed the cat CEO Shen Li, had left. Just leave office soon, perhaps as cat CEO Shen Li only US Mission in financing critical period in consideration of a compromise.

Once a single large, darling, now it has suffered Huoshaolianying. The immediate plight of the US group, and the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao Battle of Red Cliff, it seems that quite a fight.

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