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in addition to the coins on fifa 18 other 15 Jinrui

in addition to the other 15 Jinrui mining, coal prices are expected coins on fifa 18 the three quarter net profit growth. Among them, Shaanxi black, Shaanxi Hengyuan coal. Coal, open-air coal, coins on fifa 18 River shares, Datong Coal and China Shenhua and other 7 companies three quarterly forecasted *ST, Zheng coal, Shanxi coking, *ST has 3 companies, is expected coins on fifa 18 three quarterly performance year losses. By coal sales prices rose, sales Increase the amount of Chinese Shenhua and other factors, coins for fifa first half of 2017 net profit coins on fifa 18 to shareholders of the company due to an increase of 147.4%. and completed the first half of buy nhl hut coins profit is better, the current coal market prices are relatively high coins on fifa 18 is expected before 2017 three quarter attributable to shareholders of the company’s net profit will increase by more than 100%.

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