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financing net purchases coins fifa

financing net purchases amounted to 1 billion 304 coins fifa yuan, 747 million yuan, 605 million yuan, 561 million yuan, 467 million yuan financing. Net outflow of household appliances, real estate, coins fifa and equipment, commercial trade, light manufacturing, banking, media, are 509 million yuan, 56 million 950 thousand yuan, 55 million 20 thousand yuan, 40 million 590 thousand yuan, coins fifa million 640 thousand yuan, 12 million 780 thousand yuan, 9 million 890 thousand yuan, which had previously been favored by the market of home cheap fifa 18 coins stocks coins fifa around a sell-off. From 933 financial targets two Shanghai and Shenzhen two view of the first four trading days last week, there are 477 stocks showed a net financing to buy the state coins fifa week, accounting for the ratio of 51.18%, the number of stocks decreased by 58 over the previous madden 18 coins. Specifically, obtain financing net purchase amount of the top 10 coins fifa were iFLYTEK, Han’s laser, Wanhua chemical, kangdexin, Chinese peace, Mongolian grass ecology, aerospace information, Fangda carbon, new China, coins fifa Guoan.


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