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fight for Los Angeles

Like the Rams, the Lightning team’s return to California is not really seen by the local people, but the lightning team is hoping to get a share from the highly competitive Los Angeles market, for which the lightning team And vigorously carried out a campaign called “Fighting for Los Angeles”.
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In order to win the market, the lightning team made every effort to fight for the love of the Los Angeles people, they have placed a publicity card throughout the city, launched a number of team players participating in the promo, and even proposed to be free for the Los Angeles people on the team Team logo logo – a lightning bolt.

After the Lightning team moved back to Los Angeles, local TV and broadcasters immediately offered a new broadcast contract. In August, the team’s preseason will be at StubHub Center, which hosts 27,000 spectators. As the Los Angeles Galaxy football team and the United States Chivas workplace) to play, so the course has become the NFL tournament held in the smallest of the ground. The new golf course will be put into use in 2020, when the lightning team and the Rams will share the new stadium, but before that, the lightning team’s game will be at Home Depot Center The stadium is held.
Raiders settled in the casino

The Oakland Raiders, the Razer First Team, was founded in Auckland in 1960, when the team decided to move away from San Diego’s news, and the team moved to Los Angeles, just this year the team won their third Super Bowl champion, in 1995 the team also returned to Auckland, but in view of its special history with the city of Los Angeles, so the raiders will own As the “Los Angeles first team”) formally submitted to the Union moved to Las Vegas applications, and the team’s long-awaited relocation plan finally in March this year,(Click to buy Madden NFL 18 Coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
the league has been the boss of the other team’s official Approval (NFL provides that if a team to apply for a move, will be the league’s remaining team boss to vote, only to get 3/4 of the votes in favor of the team’s application can be approved).

The Raiders who are determined to go to Las Vegas will continue to spend the last three seasons in Auckland – the team will still play at Alameda Coliseum in Auckland this season and the 2018 season. Las Vegas’s new stadium was built on the light of the “Strip” (Strip), cost 1.7 billion US dollars, but in view of the new stadium to be completed in 2020, the team’s long-awaited relocation plan only extension , The Raiders can apply for the 2019 season to continue to use the Alameda County Stadium, but even so, the team is likely to be asked to find other temporary home to spend their own 2019 years. (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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