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causing two companies fifa 18 coins

Took meals, “beauty” and “hungry” delivery altercation, causing two companies more than fifa 18 coins gang.6 days, the reporter learned from the Wuhan police, recently, two employees due to a dispute fifa 18 coins after another takeaway business case, Wuhan police have interviewed two companies, asking them to immediately self-examination and rectification.7 28 19 am, “the United fifa 18 coins” delivery member Wu and “hungry” delivery member in Qiaokou Waterworks xiaomou, a restaurant because the delivery took meal dispute, two takeaway employees a total fifa 18 coins more than 40 people in Gutian four road and River Road junction brawl, caused by both employees 6 people suffered madden coins injuries. The Public Security Bureau of Wuhan fifa 18 coins Qiaokou branch will both personnel control. After the examination, according to the staff gathered in the fight “the United States” takeaway Xiamen station on behalf of a fifa 18 coins detention, to participate in the fight of Wu, the focus of administrative detention for 10 days. Remember From the police was informed that since the beginning of summer, fifa 18 coins brawl occurred many times.7 month 14 days, “the United States” delivery madden mobile coins Liu and “hungry” takeaway Shimou near HanKou Railway Station staff for electric fifa 18 coins parked.

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