play international project acquisition and development

Wang Binghua will rs 2007 succeed Li Xiaolin, he was appointed party secretary of Power International Limited, China Power International Ltd. Second Board of Directors, it was recommended as the chairman of the board candidates.
July 8, the company chairman, party secretary Wang Binghua, general manager, director and deputy party secretary Meng Zhenping Power International cadres attended the meeting.
Meng Zhenping State Power Investment Corporation announces appointment of cadres decided: Comrade Wang Binghua of the China Power International Limited party secretary, China Power International Ltd. Second Board of Directors and recommend candidates for the chairman of the board; Comrade Li Xiaolin no longer as China Power International Co., Ltd. party secretary, chairman of the China Power International Limited second session of the Board.
Wang Binghua of the China Power International fully affirmed the achievements, combined with the strategic direction and guiding ideology of the company, we put forward in the future strategic positioning. First, give full play to the unique advantages of international capital markets, making the company the Combination of promoters. Second, to play international project acquisition and development of first-mover advantage, making the company an international Pathfinder. Third, the maintenance of nuclear power to play a brand, and strive to become the company’s nuclear power development an important part. Fourth, to play talent agglomeration advantages, making the company technological innovation and institutional innovation leader.
Meng Zhenping Power International is currently working on the request. First, the effort to achieve stable economic growth, ensure the completion of the company issued goal. Second, continue to promote structural adjustment and clean development. Third, unswervingly take the road of development the Combination. Fourth, make sure the safety production long-term stability. Fifth, RULE, strict management of enterprises. Carry out the “three strict three real” special education, strictly enforce the “eight provisions” consistently change their style.
Assistant General Manager of the company INDUSTRY AND plum Ray attended the meeting.
Meeting adopt the form of video. Power International leadership team members, some of the main party responsible for three units, headquarters department senior manager and above, some of the staff representatives to attend the meeting in the main hall; three units of leadership, middle-level cadres in the various sub-venue to attend the meeting.

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How to recover deleted text messages on iPhone 6 easily and quickly

My little son erased all the text messages on my iPhone 6 by mistake. How can I do to get them back from iPhone 6 quickly?

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Method 1 .

How to recover deleted message from iPhone directly

If you didn’t make any backup on iPhone, you can choose this method to help you retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone directly with the powerful iPhone SMS recovery for Mac or Windows through three simple steps

One, connect your iPhone to the computer and run the software on your computer. Select “recover from iOS devices mode”

Two, Select “Messages” category and click “Start Scan”

Three. Preview the detail of each message and choose the ones you need to restore. Click “Recover to PC” to save the recovered messages on your computer.

Method 2. Restore lost SMS from iTunes backup files

One, launch the iTunes data recovery software, select the “Recover from iTunes backup files” mode.

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it just from the money point of view

Following the Internet car Ranger know almost ripped the truth,Tera Gold and know almost exposed material together so that US corporations fell into financing controversy.

Not long ago, there is participation in the new round of financing of US group of investors in the know almost said, the US group officially announced the first half of the GMV is 47 billion, of which, Takeout: 4.25 billion yuan; Film: 60 billion; Hotel Tourism: 71 billion; Deal: 29.65 billion yuan.

“Data US group is very beautiful, but it just from the money point of view, GMV digital gold content is not too high, revenue is the core. This 47 billion in GMV, really create the revenue (income) is the number?”

Puliao quoted a US corporation involved in the latest round of financing, investors said the original words, the US group losses on all fronts, the most recent financing material in the commission rate has dropped to 2 percent in the first half, the average monthly losses of about 600 million yuan, equivalent to one yuan per fetched a net loss of 2.7 yuan on synchronization;Albion Online Gold while under high turnover, low income is low gold content, the US group suspected hindered new round of financing.

Know almost exposed material issued shortly, when a reporter regard to confirmation when the US group, the US group said it exposed material is purely imaginary, but the US group of one of the investors Sequoia Capital, said he was just a small shareholder, the US group thing is not convenient to respond.

At the same time, be exposed to “US Mission to burn about 600 million a month,” the issue, a O2O industry executives to Artesyn Technologies, said the research results and its internal projections of the US group monthly loss of almost. If a loss of 600 million US Mission month is true, then there are about 7.2 billion full-year loss. US group at the beginning of this year to finance $ 700 million, it seems only last eight months.

As industry sources said, the US group actually being a new round of financing, but the burn rate of amazing let the US group financing is not smooth. According to informed sources, “burn a billion dollars a month, scared Wall Street investors are afraid to vote, and the US stock market is not good. US corporations are more likely to find some changes to domestic funds to finance reason, but not the domestic capital market Well, everyone is watching. ”

According to insiders broke the news that has just assumed the cat CEO Shen Li, had left. Just leave office soon, perhaps as cat CEO Shen Li only US Mission in financing critical period in consideration of a compromise.

Once a single large, darling, now it has suffered Huoshaolianying. The immediate plight of the US group, and the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao Battle of Red Cliff, it seems that quite a fight.

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PageThe two sides talked about the Trans-Paific Strategic Economic

of the construction,cheap eso gold “entirely a matter within China’s sovereignty,” and that Japan is not a party to the South China Sea issue, recently there have been jumping up and down in the South China Sea issue, everywhere to discredit China, deliberately created tensions and rendering its true intentions all too clear, and that is to promote the buy eso gold country’s post-war security policy adjustments unprecedented search and make excuses.
According to Japanese media reports, the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said on Tuesday in a written interview, on the East China Sea and the South China Sea and “the same as China’s neighbors Japan” has a common problem, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation with Japan.
Professor Zhou Yongsheng Foreign Affairs College Institute of International Relations on the 3rd of that 2015 defense white paper describes for the first time in Japan after World War II tried to intervene formally in the South China Sea affairs. “In addition to intervene from the fields of politics, economy, Japan is also increasingly prominent means of military intervention. We see the Japanese patrol boats to the Philippine support, it will not be limited to the Philippines, but also extended to Vietnam, Malaysia,buy eso gold Indonesia and China has disputed reefs and maritime countries. ”
In addition, this year is the 70th anniversary of the World Anti-Fascist War and the victory, Zhou Yongsheng to say, at this point in time, the Japanese tried to provoke other countries and China’s contradictory event, prompting an escalation is trying to shift the focus of conflict, in order to avoid their own public opinion the disadvantaged.
US President Barack Obama decided to make an exception on Tuesday (July 7th) in the White House Oval Office meeting with the visiting head of state is not theoretically Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, given rise to the relevant Washington hopes to win over Beijing intent to curb speculation in Hanoi. Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong is not only the history as the first official visit to the United States, the general secretary, his week-long US visit has coincided with the withdrawal of US troops from South Vietnam on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the timing quite sensitive. During Obama accepted the invitation Nguyen Ph Trong, promising to visit Vietnam at a future time. US officials said Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit had meant “enemy” to “friend”, the US-Vietnam relations to expand, “a new chapter.”
lick on the picture to the next – PageThe two sides talked about the Trans-Paific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP), human rights and the situation in the South China Sea. During the United States, with Nguyen Phu Trong also met UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, discussions on the promotion of relations between Vietnam and the United Nations.
According to foreign media reports, the now 71-year-old CPV General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong Before leaving for Washington, define overwhelmed week trip was “historic”; he expressed the hope that the US realize after the 20th anniversary of the normalization of relations and further deepen the US relationship.

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